Rules & Regulations

University Rules:-
Ever student shall be required to undergo a regular course of student i.e. attendance of lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical and will have to appear in Class/House Test and will have to undergo teaching practice.

Attendance Rules:-
A candidate will be admitted to the University Examination only if she has attended 75% attendance in the entire course, in theory as well as in practice. Absence from lectures, seminars etc. on account of participation in university, State /National or International meets or tournaments, Youth festivals and cultural competitions or Journey shall be counted and lectures delivered during these days will not be counted for calculations.

Leave Rules:-
-No students will proceed on leave without getting it sanctioned from the Principal and Hostel Supt. (In case student is a Hosteller)
-Absence fine of Rs. 5/- per period will be imposed on students who will miss classes.
- Students who remain absent for six days or more without application shall be struck off from the college rolls and shall be re-admitted only after paying re-admission fee.
-All medical leaves have to be supported by MC from Medical Practitioners.

College House Test:-
There will be two house tests in the month of December and March respectively. Exact date will be announced by the Principal. Every student is required to obtain minimum gross marks in the test. The absentee students failing in the House test will have to take special Tests. For which they will have to pay a fee of Rs. 25/-per test.

College Uniform:-
All the students will wear Navy-Blue Suit. Double shaded Dupatta i.e. White and Navy-Blue and in winter they will wear Black Sweater. All girls are to wear Uniform on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Conduct and Discipline:-

Any students found including in any act of indiscipline will be kept on probation by the Principal. In case she fails to show any improvement in her conduct, her name will be struck off from the college with intimation to her parents. Students are required to wear the college Uniform. Cell Phones are strictly prohibited in the class room. Hostel Rules

1. Student seeking admission to the hostel must apply in the prescribed form in the college office.

2. Hostel accommodation is not transferable to any person.

3. Continuous absence from the hostel without permission for two days will be intimated to the parents/guardians immediately and will render the defaulter liable to disciplinary action.

4. Coming late to the Hostel or absenting for the night from the Hostel without prior permission will be violation of the rule, will be reported to the Principal and they will render themselves liable to expulsion from the Hostel.

5. Residents coming late will be fine/punished including action against them.

6. At the time of admission to their ward, parents/Guardians must submit in the office a list of relatives/visitors is expected to sign.

7. Students are required to meet the visitors whose names have been given in the visitors list in the visitor room with permission of the warden.

8. Guests are not permitted to stay in the Hostel. However, under special circumstances. Female guests can stay with the prior permission of the warden of girl's hostel. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the rule.

9. Visitors are allowed to visit the girl's hostel only during visiting hours, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. which shall be notified by the Warden from to time.

10. Keeping of stereo/two-in-one music system is strictly prohibited in the hostel. However, transistor played at low volume which does not cause disturbance to others will be permitted.

11. The residents should not bring or entertain any outsider to the Hostel, nor bring any guest without the prior permission of the Warden concerned.

12. Hostel servants are not to be mistreated. Any complaint of indiscipline, insolence against servants must be reported to the warden for necessary action.