Library is an important element of the every educational institution because it does the work of a teacher for the students. In modern period library considers as a treasure of knowledge. The defects of classroom teaching can be rectified to a great extent through this treasure. B.K.D. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has a well established library to fulfil the needs of students. Our library has books (reference books, text books and school books), Journals, Magazines and News papers.


Four classrooms available for students.


Multipurpose Hall

A big hall of about 100 students capacity exists which is used for various academic activities.


To develop the scientific attitude is a most important aim of education. To achieve this aim science laboratories play an important role to provide practical knowledge to students. For this purpose our college has Physical Science Lab, Life Science Lab, Educational Technology Lab, Psychology Lab, Computer Lab, Social Science Lab and Language Lab.

Educational Technology Lab.

Computer Lab.

Physical Science Lab.

Life Science Lab.

Language Lab.

Psychology Lab.

Girls Hostel


A wide playground is available for outdoor games. And a separate room for indoor games.