Brief Introduction

Paonta Sahib, due to its geographical and historical nuances chalks out a place for itself on the map of Himachal Pradesh. Its natural surrounding captivates the hearts of the people. The river Yamuna flows in serenity on the banks of which the Holy Gurudwara of 10th Pathshahi is situated. The hills and mountains surround the area like a protective shield. The peace and tranquility of the region pulsates with the rhythm of the tides of Yamuna.

The splendor of the exotica accords to the charisma of the region. The natural landscape of this religious land attracts tourists from all comers of India and abroad.

Baba Kirpal Dass College of Education is housed in a spacious magnificent newly constructed building adjoining to Gurudwara Tapo Shilla on the banks of river Yamuna.

Baba Shri Chand Memorial Trust, Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour was constituted in the year 1993 by some public-spirited persons to promote the cause of women education in this area. They decided to start a Degree College exclusively for providing higher education to girls. This initiative was taken keeping in view the need of higher education of the women of this area, as there was no college, Govt. or private within a radius of 45 K.M. at that time. Absence of an institution of higher learning has been effecting all, but especially the girls as most of their parents could not affords to send their daughters outside because of lack of FINANCE which led to drop outs after +2 stage. The noble venture of the Trust was appreciated by the people of this area as well as by H.P.Govt. and H.P. University. As a result there of the above named college was granted recognition and affiliation by H.P. Govt.and H.P. University in the faculties of Arts and Commerce. Since then the college has made splendid progress in the academic, cultural and sports sphere, and its result have been cent percent throughout. A renowned academician Principal C.P. Sharma, who retired after rendering service in H.P. Govt. for four decades, has been source of inspiration to us since the beginning of the college 1999-2000 B.Ed. Feeling encouraged by its progress and also to fulfil one of its objectives, the Trust decided to start B.Ed. course. They approached the National Council of Teacherís Education, in Jaipur for the grant of recognition. They also approached the H.P. Govt. and H.P. University for the grant of permission and affiliation.

The H.P. Govt. has granted permission and allotted 60 seats to the institution for which the people of the area will ever remain grateful to it. The National Council of Teacher's Education, Jaipur has also given recognition to it. The Trust further proposes to start E.T.T. in the college in near future. The trust is going to establish chair to conduct research in the Comparative Philosophy of all religions.

Accordingly, the goals and objectives framed for the institution are:

o To inculcate intellectual, moral and spiritual values among teacher trainees for the advancement of the country in general and HIMACHAL PRQADESH in particular.

o To train teachers, who will imbibe the cultural and spiritual treasures of the land so that they become masters of themselves and servants of mankind?

o To provide adequate knowledge and skills of teaching and learning in the young trainees and develop in them a positive attitude towards teaching profession.

o To strive and achieve high standards in an atmosphere of autonomy.

o To appreciate and respect all faiths and foster religious harmony as well as national integration.